A personal rant of boundary infringement

Yes, this blog will be something I don’t usually do – publish a personal rant; but it seems my theme for 2023 here on wordpress is going to be one of personal stories and perceptions, so here we go!

I want to set an example out here, of a classic occurrence of infringement of personal boundaries and in extension an archonic programming of mind manipulation running subconsciously in so many.

I’ve talked a bit already about the archon’s agenda and how it infiltrates human societies, manipulates the individual shadow and breeds negativity in a population in order to syphon that energy for it’s own use, storage, hoarding within it’s own negative system – and so I won’t get too deeply into that right this moment, but I do want to highlight this underlying purpose before I get into the real world example to showcase it. I feel it’s crucial we learn how the negative/archonic programming presents itself in individuals and groups, as well how we can identify the real causation/function of that program so that we can actually look for true solutions and integration.

With all that said, I’d like to lead off with the ‘original’ infringement of boundaries that is relative within this “example” I’m going to be making.

Many people will be aware of, (and a lot of Americans have personal experience with) the encroaching tendrils and control methods of “The Church”. America was built upon the separation of Church and State for this very reason. It’s long been known and witnessed that a part of ‘religion’ is the need for conversion or adaptation; adherence and submission. This is an archonic distortion inserted with purpose, of course, but so many are missing that point. My point here is that in recent past, The People have fought very hard to remove religion and God from our country.

In some respects I agree – there should be definite boundaries between state funded education and spiritual or religious groups, especially when we are talking about children’s education. No child or family should feel infringed upon in any sense. All should be allowed their freedom of conscience, belief and/or faith. This is fundamental. I think most people can see this and do agree on the premise.

My assumption seems confirmed when you see how America chose to stand behind removing “Christian” ideologies from the schools, universities, the workplace even. This “threat” of their beliefs and their need to impress those ideals onto others has long been used as evidence for it’s removal and degradation even. This has been allowed to fester and rot in the public eye and nowadays it is pop culture to trash the Christian belief structure and the people who identify with it. It’s totally OK and even encouraged.

The white coats and their cult of Scientism finds this extremely useful to their agenda and this again, links into the overall archonic agenda of trans-humanism and a Luciferian/AI surveillance control world. They all feed the same inversion at the end of the day.

Now, I’m not making an argument for Christians, as I don’t subscribe to dogmas or established religions like that, my point in bringing this up is to set the stage for highlight the hypocritical assertions people make these days and see no wrong in it, yet were highly offended and fought tooth and nail against The Church and that ‘establishment’.

The main parallel I’d like to note is the fanatic and irrational trust people are putting into ‘scientists’, experts and ‘doctors’. Anyone who wears a lab coat is given this higher-than/holy status in society and in some people’s eyes/minds. It’s been this way for quite a few decades now, but now in 2023 it is slapping us in the face. If a doctor or an agency blabs out a ‘statistic’ or ‘study’ as reference, the lazy masses never bother to even check it out, and they know this now, so they have hijacked and taken over the entire section of experimental sciences, they bought all the labs and all the facilities; they write the checks that fund the studies they want and need to push their predetermined “truths”. It’s all a farce.

Some of us see this, but mostly the People do not, yet. Most see the previous time in history, where “The Church” was choking out freedoms using their actors, costumes and scenery as totally separate and functioning independently from “The Science” and their actors, costumes and scenery.

This is another great example of liar loops and archonic diversion.

Now, finally, since I’ve set up a bit of foreground for us in this blog, I’d like to transition into my personal rant now… !

If anyone is new here or perhaps missed the times I’ve shared this – I am a mother of two boys, (16 and almost 9 years old) and I homeschool both of them. This was something that I took on due to the ‘pandemic’ but soon found out was much more enjoyable than I assumed it would be and so I never sent them back, even when the schools reopened. Of course, a huge part of the decision to remain homeschooling has a lot to do with the negativity surrounding public schooling as well as the extremely polarized and politically aligned agendas taught within them. If I can save my sons from being tainted with self hatred, infused with laziness, inflamed with fabricated stress and anxiety models; plus prompted to take on strange personal identity parameters, then I sure as Hell will. I feel I went through enough of the self deprivation in my own childhood and adolescence – I do not want my sons to suffer through the same false constructs.

Now, all the people who live in my building and know my family – know I homeschool, know my sons – and mostly everyone are kind, nice people. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt in general and work to keep my personal opinions to myself, unless asked.

We have a neighbor who means well and is super nice but also has no concept of informational or energetic boundaries. He’s got a heavy belief in the ‘White-Coats’ and in The Science. It’s one of the extreme cases that seem to mock common sense at certain times but yet he is unaware and swears by the “logic” of the science. He’s not invasive or physically aggressive but he seems to suffer from a kind of chronic verbal vomit. It can be quite annoying at times!

My younger son loves to chat. He is a TALKER, if you know what I mean! Children generally blab on and say the darnedest things but this kid, he takes it to a whole new level. Needless to say, my son and neighbor tend to chat it up outside.

This morning we were outside getting some fresh air and my son was skateboarding around. The neighbor came out and immediately my son went to spark up a conversation with him about this blinking/twinkling star he’s seen outside each night now for about a week.

Now, I personally do not hold much weight in the concept of outer space as presented by corporate sponsors, the government and NASA. I don’t want to raise my children within propaganda structures but I also cannot ‘prove’ anything either so I try to leave this line of thinking, examination and imagination open for observation. My younger son has become very drawn to space and the mainstream version – he really enjoys finding youtube videos on space, stars and energy/light. I try to offer in as much opposing evidence and ideas as possible to balance out and “weaken” the strength of the NASA propaganda. Again, I’m not a Christian or a ‘flat earther’ but I just know what we’ve been told is not the Truth and I prefer not to lie to my children.

I’ve had a few conversations with the neighbor along the lines of beliefs and reality. None have been received well and I’m pretty sure he tells himself I lack the intellect to understand the scientific concepts, or whatever – but I truly don’t care, I’m generally not concerned with his opinion and it doesn’t bother me but today I was presented with a new perspective and it irked me but also provided this catalyst to write about.

So, he’s well aware of my doubts of space, my faith in an infinite creator and a bigger picture of the world than some others have. We’ve had many conversations across these topics.. and therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that now when he’s ranting on about evolution or space theory he is directly emphasizing reference points as a means to “enlighten” me. Again, I see the deep shadow work and integration this kind of interaction provokes and I am appreciate of it but still in present moments I find a struggle in dealing with and responding well to him when he does this line of attack. I want to burst out with all my thoughts and opinions sometimes and bombard him with them, force him to see it how I do.. but that is not the right thing to do, and I know it deeper still. I’m a chain breaker, and so I refuse to give in and respond in a predictive manner. That is exactly what his shadow is screaming for me to do and unfortunately this guy’s shadow runs the subconscious and conscious show pretty much full time. Still, I have compassion and a likeness toward him. I find it challenging to interact with him sometimes, but other times he is alright.

Today specifically, it was the lack of respect for my personal boundaries that has me fired up. That, as well as the blind disregard of the fact that he is doing to my son what he says he feels so strongly about “not” doing to children in regards to religion and the Catholic school model. He claims to be so traumatized by his forced Catholic/christian upbringing yet he is slamming my son with scientism at the same extreme volume and intensity that religion was stuffed down his throat. It’s so unsettling and irritating to see a person act out with this level of cognitive distortions and have to stand by as a witness only. At this point, I have no calm or easy way to point this hypocrisy out to him and I don’t wish to offend or upset him (again – because I unknowingly really triggered him last summer and it caused him a lot of depression).

Anyways, to quit skirting the main issue and get to the point – my son and the neighbor were having this conversation about “supernovas” and the birth of stars and he goes off on this tangent saying that hot mud and water were struck by lightening and that caused life to start off as little critters like single cells and that grew into insects and then eventually to monkeys and then implied Humans came from monkeys. And my poor son is quiet, a little anxious looking up at me on the porch and back at the neighbor with this small smile.

I started to sweat thinking, ‘oh no what is this kid going to say now’, because he has a strong innate belief in God. Even before I ever mentioned it or anything – he’s always talked about God.

The last thing I wanted is this neighbor to start bashing God to my 9 year old and have my son put in a weird position where he’d be questioning his own gut and intuition.

Thank goodness I noticed it was pushing up on lunchtime and so I just interjected that and called him up.

But, my main issue as soon as I knew the conversation was over was this lingering irritation around the infringement of boundaries and the strange control mechanism of attempting to force understanding or perception.

As humans sharing is not just a survival skill but also an enjoyable form of entertainment. Or well, it can be! When we “share” info and it is forced that makes it negative and not enjoyable.

This new age line of thinking with Scientism has been forced upon the public schools, the younger generations in just the same way the previous religious one was. There’s no option to question it or have conversations around theories. Those subscribed to the belief system must only claim superior intellect and logic or reasoning in some particular angle as their sole justification to “rightness”. It’s faith based knowledge with a different spin, and that’s the absence of the Infinite Creator – how convenient for self-centered, negative service.

These ‘well-educated’ white-coats truly think their presumptions are the end all be all evidence because they were told it is so. They disregard the entire premise of free thought and freedom of speech when it comes to their opinions and beliefs. It’s a strange paradox but liar loops are funny like that!

At the end of the day I must circle back to the remaining issue – we should not be teaching children what to think, we should be teaching through showing – how to think critically for yourself, how to discern and critique presented information and most importantly how to weigh that info against their own heart, intuition, internal compass or truth meter, whatever you like to call it.

Why can some people see so clearly that is/was wrong to push the Catholic/Christian agenda on the youth through indoctrinated education yet they see nothing wrong with using the same approach when it fits their own belief?

To me, this obvious fault is a huge issue on many levels in the world today. My neighbor and this scenario of the “birth of life” theory is just a simple example I wanted to share here as proof and living ways that these lies and manipulations surface and show themselves in real life.

If one was to go up to any child and start “preaching gospel” to them – the ‘mainstream’ and the ‘liberals’ would have an absolute fit! If some group or teacher even was to implicitly tell children or teenagers that God made them in His image and that they are worthy of their version of life just by being conceived, well the schools, parents and activists would have a field day! Yet, it is perfectly OK to push and veer impressionable young minds towards degrading and dehumanizing belief patterns that “confirm” humans are over-evolved Apes!

When people feel it’s necessary to jam in their ideologies into the minds of all those who are within hearing distance just because they want to feel right and secure in their beliefs of reality, it makes for seriously uncomfortable social interactions all because they are unknowingly infringing on a boundary.

I’m going to be talking a lot more about boundaries, how we set them and recognize them – along with how others infringe on them both knowingly and unintentionally. So, if this topic interests you then I encourage you to check my Bitchute and Spotify in the near future for more discussions.

In conclusion, I want to leave this little comedy clip I found so funny when I saw it years ago, (when I still watched television shows!) which highlights the giant fault or crack in the New Age Dogma of Scientism:

I hope you enjoy this little clip! It’s witty yet, cannot be unheard.. as a former white-coat believer and scientism fool I was seriously intrigued by this framework of comparison. It sparked a huge change in me like a tiny seed. I hope it does the same for you, if you’re suffering from an over dependence on “Science”.

I think I may also make a video discussion or another blog covering the main faults and issues I have with “scientism”. More to come! Please feel free to reply and leave your opinion without fear of castration! I’m open to hearing others perceptions as long as their are not pushed upon me as if they are definitive Truth.

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