Not 1 ‘F’ left to give

You guessed it, I’m doing another personal rant style blog.

2023 seems to be the year to cast aside all the BS and get right down to the nitty gritty stuff, so here’s what I’ve decided; I have no “F’s” left to give!

I don’t mean this in a negative, egotistical way either. I’m coming from a space of divine, unconditional love when I proclaim it and I’m standing in my own truth when I judge something as not worth my time.

(Please note, that just because one deems something as “not worth my time“, it in no way, shape or form implies that whatever the ‘thing’ is should not be worth ANYONE’s time – someone else can have it, please! enjoy! it’s just not for me – is what I mean.)

Each one of us has the divine power to choose what comes into their reality and what does not. This is called setting boundaries and it is a natural right of self preservation. It took me many years to accept the great responsibility that comes with owning your’s – owning your shit and your successes. I hide from No One -my shadow included. This knowledge comes with great power – but it’s the power of self choice and ownership of the self not power over any other life form, and some people who are fueled by ego, hate and lies confuse the feelings of ‘power’ and distort it into control. I seek out, actively, to never do this or to question my motives and intentions when I find myself attempting to control another.

Over my lifetime (believe it or not), I’ve faced programmings, brainwashing, obstacles and setbacks. I’ve overcome adversity. I’ve been an outcast, the underdog, I came from my own rock bottom and made it to my own mountain top – quite a few times actually. Each one of us does all of these things our own path, in our own way.

This is obvious to most of us – I hope, at least.

Looking out into the world from my little spot, I tend to see a lot of people who do not get it. They think they are a victim of the world around them. This is the saddest mindset, in my opinion. I have been a “victim” many times in my life and so, when I say I don’t have the time for that anymore, I mean it. I learned the lessons needed to understand the truth, that no one is a victim of anything, we are all co-defendants in this experience of life.

Many people don’t like the thought of ‘choosing’ bad experiences for themselves. No one actively chooses to be in pain, right…right?

Or do they?

Hurt people hurt people – or so the saying goes.

The truth is right there in our faces. Yes, people do choose pain and hurt. People do choose to wallow in self pity, to disable themselves, to chop off their imagination and scoop out their hearts.

Well, not me! Not anymore. Never again.

I accept that every trauma and unhappy event in my life was chosen by me and that I was an active participant in it. I was there, it happened. I could have done a hundred million different things within those moments – I had choices, reactions, responses to provide at that time. I made my bed, now I choose to lay down in it.

So many who see others make claims like these assume a negativity. They feel ‘abused’ or ‘threatened’ by the mere suggestion that they should own their own pain, role in events, and their present circumstances.

These kinds of people are the ones I just do not give an F about anymore!

If you choose to limit yourself; to jam your soul essence and purpose into a tiny, cramped box someone else built and then cry about how tight and uncomfortable it is, I don’t have time for it!

In previous times of my life I would make it my responsibility to awaken these types. I’d attempt to nudge them and remind them of what they learned through that tough time, or how strong they are because they made it out. But this hardly ever does any good for people and it entangles my energy with theirs, further extended my own lessons to be learned around these kinds of control issues.

Nowadays, I recognize that my own deeper need for control that was hidden within this “shake & wake” approach I had with others.

I wanted the world to wake up, to see the truth, to be honest and loving towards all but no matter how much I try to ‘help’ others along to speed it up, what I was really doing was forcing them to see things in my way – which is no more positive an intention than the oppressors out there blaring their mindcontrol programming in the Matrix.

The only truly proactive, positively aligned way I can offer help to the whole is to do my small part. I must work at my own inner workings and become the best person I can be. Others will sort their paths out in their own time and it’s none of my business when that is!

I have trust and faith in the whole progression of our celestial universe and therefore, why should I care about anything I don’t want to care about? I know all that occurs is for all our highest good – so why bother entangling my thoughts and energy up in things which have nothing to do with my own path? It’s nonsense.

This is why my new motto for 2023 is ‘No F’s to Give!’

All year long I’ve felt this need for transparency. I’ve already talked about it in many videos, blogs and podcasts but I’ll say it again, this is the mid-way point and it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

It’s time to do the work, be the leader, play an active role in your life.

In honor of this theme, I think it’s fitting to talk about how I’ll be implementing this motto into my real life. Maybe it will give you an idea of how to start letting go of nonsense, static and little annoyances in your own life.

If I bump into something in my day that does not align with me, I let it go. I used to hold onto it – examine it, figure out why it bothered me or worse, seek out to rectify the thing and force it to assume a more comfortable appearance, one of my own personal liking. Instead of accepting things, I wanted to change them. Now, I accept things as they are and leave room for change to happen later, if it so chooses. There’s a huge intentional difference between expecting/forcing change and allow/leaving from for change. I hope you catch my drift here.

Noticing this difference and aligning my intentions with that allow/let alone vibe instead of the micromanaging, plotting and calculating vibe has brought into my life so many wonderful accomplishments and comforting experiences. It’s changed my whole experience of reality.

Once I stepped into the flow of life and allowed my own path to be led by the natural current, I found I have no place to store all the F’s I used to hoard. The fluid of the flow runs right through and around me. It sweeps away all that which no longer serves my highest path, no matter whether I’m aware or unconscious of their departures, all those misgivings glide away. They have uses in other places, and I let them go freely towards wherever they are needed, knowing that I’ve learned all I can from them now.

This is the beauty of trusting in the flow. You never worry what’s coming or going because you know no matter what, you’ll be OK, you’ll be taken care of. Sometime after starting this practice, I noticed I had less F’s to give.. this would slide off my back easier, I could move on from upsets quicker, but I still had a bundle in my hand, or a pack upon my back, ready to take on any F’s that felt right. Once in a while, I’d stop along my path and open it up, reflecting on all the F’s I still had, valued, adored, needed. They used to make me feel alive, safe, real.

At sometime this new year, or maybe it was last year even – I realized I didn’t have that pack or satchel I used to store the F’s in.

At first I was put-off, I felt naked and lighter – I almost misjudged it as feeling weak, unrooted and lost but then I found those things I care deeply about where still within me, they were logged and stored in my heart. That’s the only place to carry all those things you love, isn’t it?

I noticed that loving something makes it a part of you, it melts into your being and there’s nothing to carry around physically. It settles in your heart and becomes a constant part of you. Things which do not belong to us; things that are not full of love, truth and enjoyment cannot enter the heart and therefore we must fashion a material item to hold value for it, like a pack or satchel. Since I’ve thrown away my apparatus I have no choice but to assess each thing as I take it on and either accept it into my heart as truth or cast it aside into the fluid flow around me. There’s no space or time for BS and at the end of the day, the F’s which you’ve tricked yourself into ‘caring’ about but are not really true or important are nothing but BS. So why allow yourself to hold onto that?

To wrap up this little informational rant, I’d like to leave you with this quick example which I lived through earlier this morning. All the above info has been brewing in my mind for a bit now, and as I was scrolling through my reader feed here on wordpress I happened to notice an intriguing title so I clicked to read the blog and I was met with elementary school level propaganda and mind control parroting that attempted to “trigger” me with some abrasive language around “white people”.

Now, this topic of ‘race’ and labeling people with descriptions of skin tone is far too large and complex to tackle here at the end of a quick rant obviously – so I’m not even poking that bear right now.

With that said, I almost wanted to add a reply onto the blog and I toggled between whether or not I should be direct and rude (to match their attitude) or kind, compassionate and understanding – leave a comment that might make the person think about how hypocritical and nonsensical their reasonings were… but right then, I stopped myself and said wait a minute, I don’t even give an F about this person or this silly topic. I already see the truth behind the race war lies and I gained a lot of insight through learning that stuff. Let this person alone to learn it in their own way on their own path. Why do I care if they blame “white people” for everything? It doesn’t directly impact my life at all and their false beliefs don’t actually make or break the World, so why care?

Having the self love and respect to stop when we’re about to spiral into a negatively aligned action is crucial to this ascension. These little stops are what make up the whole journey.

Instead of typing back any reply at all, I decided to let it go.

Let go of that “F” I think I need to stand up for because it’s not for me. Yes, I bumped into it in my day but it’s not pulled towards me in order for me to act on it and make some kind of impact of some stranger’s day – it is meant to be a practice test for my own inner work, to see if I can actually let that which is not for me, pass by me. And this morning I found out that yes, I can do that – because I do not have an F left to give.

So, what did I choose to do? I accepted that my own truths and thinking don’t resonate with that person’s and I unfollowed her. Simple as that!

Now it’s out of my path and I can focus on what is truly important to me and that is living my life to the best of my capabilities while maintaining a happy. healthy and high vibration!

If that’s not your thing, that’s OK too! I don’t need a single one of your F’s – so please, keep them to yourself.

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