Unspeakable Things Part II: Paradoxical Ponderings

The concept to relay here is a difficult one because it is unspeakable in its nature.

I talked a bit before about things that are ‘unspeakable‘ and in that video I framed this into one of two ways: either indescribable, as in unexplainable to another person because you lack the wordings, terminology or understanding or conversely, the words are readily available but they are literally restricted – either by Society, the Government, tradition, religion or some other external force which imposes the feeling that these words are not to be spoken.

These are clearly two very different types of circumstances and when I initially brought up this topic, it was a side avenue off my Negative Agenda’s Tricks & Traps video series; and I was more focused on the area around controlled/restricted types of words and speech. (If you are interested in hearing more about that and you missed the original post, you can watch it here.)

This is obviously a pressing ‘current-events’ topic, that is highly polarized and politically charged in 2023, so addressing the most obvious catalyst seemed appropriate to start with. But in today’s writing what I want to clear some ground around is the other side of the coin – that indescribable type of unspeakable experience. I really feel called to share this exploration with the public as sort of a living experiment of how we can use paradoxes to provoke deeper understandings and also (hopefully) create more clarity for all of us, through comparing and contrasting the opposing sides of each paradox.

When things seem complex and hard to explain, I like to take my time and peel back the layers as I’m ready, allowing for an accommodating span of time to ensure I can dissect a few different angles or approaches. This, I guess, will be just one such example of one of the many ways I’m learning about things which are Unspeakable, both within myself as well as the world.

The starting place for this journey will be the boundary of The Inner World.

The visual and breakdown are simply my own creative descriptions and creations, made to help explain what I’ve experienced – and I fully present this info as mere subjective conjecture. With that said, this Inner World is defined as that which contains all processes, experiences, data and communication that takes place within You. This means, all thoughts, feelings, biochemical processes, reactions, interpretations, imaginings and conjured up ideas, etc. If you must relay information to another in order for Them to ‘get it’ or know about it, than it is ruled by The Inner World.

Each conscious creator being has dominion over their space. Every sovereign person here has this gift bestowed upon them and must accept the responsibility of such a present. This is part of the organic make up of this reality and you must consciously choose to hold yourself accountable and live life alive in every present moment in order to maintain a harmonious balance between the lenses of reality and your experience here.

To get back to the main focus of the Unspeakable Inner World – there are lots of occurrences within the Inner World that can be explained through words – especially if a more diverse vocabulary is available. Moreover, some inner processes have even been tagged and defined by the Outer/External World – quick examples being things like biology, anatomy, physiology. And again, it is shown that the more knowledgable your vocabulary becomes, through academic learning promoted in the mainstream of course, the greater accuracy and detail by which you can share thoughts/ideas with others.

When we accept/acknowledge these promoted versions of descriptions concerning inner processes & workings, we must also see and know that at another point in time even these types of transactions were indescribable, mysterious and observed with sacred reverence. They were ‘Unspeakable’ at some point to people.

What holds them together now is merely a thin layer of agreeance, cast atop the masses and promoted as a safety net or life-saving buoy to cling to and rely upon. This loose structure of acceptance is all that holds together today’s modern conceptions and understandings of reality. Words string together and contain these things into recognizable concepts. Humans use labels for ease of communication and identification but what about when the labels are false? Even language can fall into this sort of paradoxical trap if you backtrack enough. But so does everything in this reality – that’s the blessing and the curse of the game, I guess.

Things which happen within us are always unexplainable until we form words and thoughts about them using our conscious, logical mind – seems basic enough, right? So with that knowing I’m going to move into my main point today, which is those things and pieces of our life which are unspeakable to me. You may find you have the words I’m seeking, or perhaps you’re experiencing similar indescribable scenarios in your own Inner world – I’d love to hear either way! So be sure to leave a reply or send me an email third.eye.navigation@protonmail.com

My Current Paradoxical Ponderings:

I, myself, am a living potentiality of many-ness; as each one of us is. (I will be fluid in my use of the words I, you, us, we, Humanity and the collective – please bear with me.)

I am the paradox, in its most natural form. Within myself I hold both polarities, both sides of my coin – dark and light. I am continually forging new connections while simultaneously cutting loose from old ones.

The alchemy never ends, we are eternal energy alchemists.

We transmute experience into creation and creations into experiences; radiating out energy, electricity, frequency, and vibrations as information/Light into the infinite intelligence of the ether-space all around us, singing out our own unique melody, adding our part to the divine whole.

The duality of our universe is reflected in each of its creations, in its own way.

We can all witness the organic and literal duality of our world in things like day and night, life and death, dry and wet, hot and cold.

Less apparent versions of duality can be seen in concepts like: give and take, the act of balancing one thing with another, interaction and communion – all these structures are so foundational and basic in the world around us we sometimes forget the underlying notion these things represent.

The Self, our selves, function within the same filter of duality and we represent both the figurative and the literal types of dual processes. Furthermore, the individual embodies the divine paradox of being a creator and a creation – all at once. We have the capability to be separate from and yet, still a complete part of, the Great Whole.

I am light and shadow – I have the capabilities to explore both; internally and externally. It is only with sovereign, conscious awareness that I can learn to focus on what is righteous, good and positive and discard that which does not serve my highest potentials.

But how do I get to those higher places? When and how will that happen? How can I make it so, now?

(Patience & impatience – another great reflection of duality and a paradox within itself.)

We are already there, one could say – because Time is not Real and although the concept of measurement can be described, witnessed and felt here as linear, the true modality of Time is not linear what-so-ever. We have quantifiable proof of this in the notion that “time is relative” – it can feel different and be perceived by us as flying by or crawling at a snail’s pace. If you look through a telescope, for example, the distance and the speed of light are in such a relationship that you are technically “looking back in time” when you gaze out through the device into the depths of space. Time is subjective and malleable – simultaneously, it can be rigid and unforgiving. Another great paradox we are a part of.

The practical comparison of pro’s and con’s has mutated into a constant wish-wash of back-and-forth perspectives, reasonings and angles of approach. All things are explainable and justifiable, when you see the big picture; and yet half of the time I am denied this big-picture view and am pigeon holed into my singular, first person view, which lacks that deeper knowing of the whole scene that is actually available. The first person view is highly influenced by emotions, frequencies and atmospheric energies. You can easily get lost in the 3D-ness of it. I think this is the most basic evidence/proof of the mechanism at work to promote the Veil of Forgetfulness we all consent to before coming to Earth.

Another great paradox we all inhabit is within this dualistic setting is the seemingly opposing roles of the physical/3D Material Self and the Ascended/5D Higher Self. So many aspects of these presumptive roles are pinned against each other like antagonists or antonyms – when in fact they are one in the same, cut from the same cloth.

The push and pull between external confirmation, validation and interaction is another display of a paradox. I feel the desire to be seen, create, share and interact – yet also there is an opposing call which says no other can fully see, understand or know what I am, what I truly mean, or the true significance of my role here. The connection of understanding and acceptance posed against the potential opposite: the disconnection which comes from being misunderstood and rejected. We can only come to fully appreciate the concept through experiencing the contrasts and parallels between the two.

The final paradox I will mention here, (for now of course – since this list is ever evolving) is the one I am most concerned with presently, which is that of Being and of Doing. This can be represented in another example: allowing versus forcing. Flowing versus Steering. Action and Stillness. There are infinite layers to be explored within both sides of this posed spectrum – all with unique lessons and value available. I’ve found myself cycling between the two so often and with such increasing momentum that now I see the gradient more clearly, I notice how they intermingle and exchange information. I’m seeing the value in each new shading, no matter how slight its variation.

These kinds of paradoxical ponderings have led me in and out of sanity, ecstasy, complicity, action, madness, apathy, worry, rage and acceptance. I have circled around a beaten path for many years, learning something new with each passing. But now, I’m starting to realize the forest outside the path, the trees within the forest and the world outside the forest. I’m integrating the big picture with the small one and visualizing my own part of the whole. I see myself as an ant in the scope of the world view.

There’s a third perspective approaching – the triad forms out of the shape created by duality itself. The coin is known now, instead of merely seeing heads versus tails – We see the ridges connecting the two, we realize it is actually a whole coin with a boundary and being all of its own.

Our world, ourselves, our very perspective of reality will soon be shifting into this larger Aquarian view of things. Higher meaning and purpose will be no longer be ignored, denied or refuted. Every person will one day shift into an active role in their own life and become a conscious energy alchemist.

I feel that the sides of the spectrum at full display in today’s world has risen to such an extreme volume to assist the main mass of Humanity to witness, see and observe how volatile polarities can become when separation and division is amplified. Nothings remains the same and so we know this too will pass,.

As we begin to heal and serve our shadows in a healthy, service to others, positive ways we will see huge shifts in the Light available on Earth and then, with greater Light, Love and Clarity we can move towards that beautiful trinity of creation that awaits us on the horizon.

I’d like to end this blog with a few infographics I created to explain the Holy Trinity, the Triad of Creation and links to a few of my podcasts where I talk about these concepts in more detail; in case anyone is interested in hearing more!

One thought on “Unspeakable Things Part II: Paradoxical Ponderings

  1. We love reading your blog! Your distinctive perspective and real voice have an impact in the world. Keep sharing, because your ideas matter. Thank you for being you!

    Thanks – TheDogGod


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