Can you be ‘poor’ & still live in Divine Abundance?

To make a very long story short – Yes! You can.

The first step to finding your own version of Divine Abundance is to discover what that means to you!

Not society’s version, or your parents projections or even that image you were spoon fed in school or university – but the truest form of abundancethat portrait of wealth that speaks directly to you, your emotions, your personal journey and lessons learned here.

But, what does that even mean?

Here in lies the rub, or better yet – this is where we learn the Magician’s slight-of-hand and get to see the illusion for what it truly is; a mere trick – an inversion of the original truth.

If you can break away from the mind-control & think for yourself, that is.

If you’re stringed & knotted into their Magick Show and part of Their “live studio audience”, then you’re ‘on-camera’, so to speak, and you’ll find it very difficult to detach. However, if you’ve made your way to this blog and you’re taking the time to read this, then you are definitely aware and awake enough to cut those cords and see the delusions for what they really are.

To those of us strongly connected to Source, Infinite Intelligence, God, the Spirit Realm, Nature, Mother Earth, the Aether, our guides, etc. – we see the absurdity of the present model of ‘abundance‘.

Even those of us who are less plugged in are still gravely aware of the uncomfortable expectations and depictions surrounding “wealth” in this world. Most sense the low frequency of enslavement here and feel trapped in the rat race model of chasing a carrot on a stick.

In the Matrix, we are bombarded with this “truth” that says there’s a huge gap between the wealthy elites and the common working/middle and lower classes. This gap is not just formed by finances but also etiquette, standards, bloodlines and ‘divine’ right. They promote and project a huge and difficult canyon to cross, on purpose. We could fly right over but that is very dangerous for those holding together the negative structures of control, obviously, and so they spend unending resources, time and energy on monitoring interactions & information and maintaining a homeostasis that is beneficial to their negative polarity.

Supposedly, in Their Matrix setup, the ‘truth‘ sounds a lot like:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • You have to work really hard in order to make money
  • Wealth = good, clean, worthy, righteous, superior
  • Poor = bad, dirty, worthless, shameful, subservient
  • More money, more problems – more money, more influence
  • Money opens all doors, everyone has a price, money buys happiness

I believe we are brainwashed with the repetition of these false truths in order to ensure most never realize it’s a distortion. There’s infinite potentials gained by holding this false truth over the heads of the Slave Masses in the Matrix. I won’t get into all that now, but if you are skeptical about the overall purposes and ways “They” benefit from all the lies, please investigate it. It’s as simple and 3D as following the money trail. It will lead you to back to those who profit from the lies – then you’ll see the web for yourself.

So, what is the Truth about Divine Abundance?

The plain and simple description of abundance can be understood not with vocabulary or definitions but through live examples, feelings and frequencies.

This is because we are energetic beings living within an alive, intelligent universe – full of conscious aspects of the Infinite Creator – in a constant state of co-creation with all other entities.

Read over the words/phrases below and examine the accompanied images.

Allow yourself to openly assess, react and examine both the external information entering into your internal world and your own inner responses to the process of acceptance and integration.

Do you sense negative or positive disruptions, both even? See for yourself and only you, what meanings and purposes arise and align or sink and repulse.

  • Plentiful, rich, bounteous, lush, fruitful
  • Supported, secure, sufficient, reliable
  • Eternal, Infinite, Limitless, overflowing
  • Whole, complete, full, stable, excess

Did you resonate with any of the above mentioned descriptions of Divine Abundance? These are rhetorical prompts of course, and by no means are the only options, I just hope to inspire you to think more deeply on this later, in your own ways.

This concept is constantly evolving, shifting and changing both within our own selves as well as in the external world’s displayed reflections of it, and so it’s not about nailing down ideals and planning steps towards a goal – the instigation is one of loosen ideologies and perceptions as to expect, understand and welcome changes. This kind of free thinking also goes against the Matrix make up and will cause disturbances within anyone who hasn’t tackled a bit of shadow work around the programming – so if you’re feeling like a prickly cactus right now, bear with me and do not take this personal! You are not your programming, you are not your thoughts.

So now that we’ve introduced a bit of truth around the definition of Abundance and cleared some ground around the obvious Matrix traps and snares – let’s decipher where and then why, They lie about the reality of energy dispersion and collection.

What is the trick? What are the lies?

Let’s look at some side by side examples and ask yourself, honestly, what differences do you feel, sense and know when you compare the two. Note within yourself, the feedback you receive; immediate responses/reactions and the frequencies you become charged with when you think of the image and the meaning within it,

Feel free to interpret these comparisons in a variety of ways – I’m not posing these images against each other as to say one is right & the other is wrong.

I’m merely offering typical societal measures of wealth, riches, and abundance alongside more open minded versions to help spark imaginations and shake up previous standards. Both appearances have pro’s and con’s – I’m not denying that at all. These are ideas, dreams and perspectives that are solely for you to uncover their value within yourself and your own beliefs – not to force others to see things my way, or to encourage others to start degrading populations because they see worth in material items over intangible things. We should all be allowed to define abundance, wealth, worth and happiness for ourselves and to feel fulfilled by our own successes, no matter how the outside world perceives them.

Did you detect any of the lies within those representations?

It’s up to each one of us to sense and highlight distortions in the incoming info we receive. Please take some time to think over and examine what feels “off” to you and why – and also what kind of false expectations or goals have you been setting for yourself based on taking on those lies presented by the Matrix.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I know there are many levels to poverty consciousness and equally as many layers to aligning with your true frequency of abundance. You have to work through both angles and sort the misunderstandings, lies, and valuable information all by yourself – because only you can deem yourself worthy, abundant, full of life, potentials and possibilities.

Until you own your sovereign worth, honestly & openly, you will always seek outside stimulus to re-confirm you are enough. If you believe you must earn worth, honor, respect, love and in extension the right to just live your life, then you will forever be chasing that carrot on the stick within the Matrix model. There is no need to chase anything because all that is meant for you, is drawn to you, it’s called forth from the infinite intelligence of the universe and will always find you with divine timing.

There are no mistakes, garbage or useless things in the Organic World – Mother Nature reuses everything, works through all mutations and refreshes all depletion.

When we can stand in this gnosis and remember our great purpose and role in the big picture, we are able to see the truth with such clarity that it becomes foolery and outright fallacy to limit and cage your mind into these restrictive contortions that the Matrix offers us as boxes with labels to shrink down into and “stay safe”.

Your mindset will make or break you when it comes to “proving” this to yourself.

If you’ve yet to learn the hard lesson that money doesn’t buy happiness, then you should come to terms with this hurdle and accept that it will present itself in your life at some point – if you overvalue and seek to fill your soul with material items, I mean. Some of us do not need to learn this one – whether that is because past lives have held that space already for you or maybe your ancestral bonds have been healed or were never disrupted with that particular lie. We are all on individual journeys that are accumulative but not exactly sequential or standard across any settings,.

My own life’s journey taught me through rough roads. I chose the long way around and a hard head for a long time. I built up 3D goals, I sought after riches, attention and recognition out there in my external world for many years. It was never enough. I made desperate choices and turned my heart away from my own pure desires and focused it out there on portrayed desires of society, my family, my friends – everyone and anyone except my own self. I was miserable, apathetic and unmotivated.

Only through years of gradually losing all forms of standard security and prosperity, did I finally come to realize that those ideas were mirages; they weren’t real and held no influence over the actual quality of my daily life.

What really impacts my life is very basic: food, water, shelter and family.

Once I realized that very few things actually effect the quality of my life, I started asking myself why I had put such weight onto all the other stuff. That’s where all the programming, mindcontrol and Matrix models entered in and I saw them with fresh eyes and a clear mind. I saw the BS for what it is and when that happened I finally was able to sincerely be grateful for my life, my small family unit, all the comforts we do enjoy and all the wealth we really have.

Even though my life, home, income and possessions are categorically shown as “poverty level”, white-trash. low income – or however else the silly structures in the Matrix would like to condemn them… I feel an abundance of happiness, security, gratitude and joy when I assess and compare my standing with the mainstream’s model of “wealth”.

I know with full confidence and faith that no material loss can ever affect my sovereignty or the worth of my soul. I will never compromise my morals or standards for financial gains because I do not fear poverty or lack. I have already proved to myself that even with no money, no house, no community support – even when all the chips are down and I feel completely abandoned and rejected by “Society” – I’m still here, alive and breathing, waiting and being. The sun still rises, the world keeps moving, seasons change, life goes on…

If losing it all didn’t break me then certainly it’s not the main reason I’m here.

Living an outcast, fringe lifestyle (especially through the last 3 years) has taught me priceless wisdom and countless lessons which words cannot begin to express or teach. Money cannot buy these epiphanies, that I know for sure.

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