Spiritual Blueprint Reading

It’s well known that the stars hold the secrets of time within their constellations and those which were over head at the time/place you entered this plane hold a particular influence over your life’s path: the purpose and lessons need to move through this life.

Life is no different than a journey and it can encompass many different lessons and evolutionary cycles but your main job is always to experience and incorporate these choice points and catalysts back into yourself through introspection. This internalization of focus forges a new higher aligned You. 

We each have a unique soul inside which is working to gain knowledge, experience, love and acceptance. We come into this realm under a veil of forgetting, to play out our roles as uninterrupted as possible, however it has come to my understanding that there are certain keys, tools and guides which each one of us can access, if we so choose. 

It’s a bit like the concept of decoding DNA or a human genome but instead it’s using the cosmic blueprint from the date and time you entered onto the planet to assess the gifts, talents and adversities you are preordained to encounter this time.

Due to the complexity of what some call the Organic Matrix or the universal architecture of this logos – free will and fate are energetically interwoven, spiraling along guiding the journey. This means everything is up for grabs, it’s all Schrödinger’s cat before you open the box. My readings cannot predict the future or pinpoint specific events or choice points. This guidance is meant to empower and strengthen you on the path so that when you do encounter those catalysts you will recognize and choose wisely. This is not a crutch or wheelchair to do the work for you, the blueprint is used as a tool, a support system to be implemented by you.

With the ground now laid, I’d like to now introduce what I call a Spiritual Blueprint.  

The name is sort of self explanatory; it’s the idea of capturing the imprint that you represent and turning it around to use it as a map for navigating your spiritual path.

Your birth date numerology and astrology charts can be utilized in conjunction with tarot to uncover and dive deep into your foundational spiritual architecture. Using these tools together allows us to recognize the archetypes and karmatic themes at play in your story.

This type of reading has been crafted by guidance from my inner teacher. I’ve complied my knowledge and expertise in tarot and numerology to work with the added dimension of astrology – essentially tying in the stars to your earth and ether structures.

When these three dimensions are assessed together we can being to uncover the alignments and sense where your true north point is. It’s a bit like reverse engineering your path through the woods with a compass and the left over breadcrumb trail you tried to leave. Of course, the animals and insects has been snacking on them, passers by have stepped on them and there’s forks in the road everywhere. Yes, the trip is that dramatic but in the struggle is where the magic happens, so don’t get discouraged. Your true path is forever embedded in your heart anyways so you can never forget or ever be truly lost. Rediscovering that truth and claiming your confidence is what this reading is all about!

In the future, I envision building more definition to these readings by incorporating other modalities like Ennealogy, Human Design, Briggs Myers, as well as other archetypal evaluations so that more clarity can be found after the initial foundation is set. We are always seeking higher definition and a clearer understanding of ourselves and our world and therefore these readings can be enlightening at any stage of progression.

Reading Details:

  • Numerology breakdown using your full birth date (example below)
    • Life Path, Attitude, Personal and Generational aspects are addressed
    • Includes a personality template for all numbers
  • Overview of a basic astrological birth chart (example below)
    • Rising sign, planets and general house seatings will be addressed
    • Either sidereal or tropic depending on preference
    • Exact time & place of birth are useful but not mandatory
  • 5 Card General Reading
    • An intuition based tarot spread for general clarification
    • Using your choice of deck : oracle or traditional tarot
    • Can request specific guidance or allow the cards to speak freely

As this is a newer service I am still developing I’m looking to work out different forms of exchange for this service such as referrals, energy service exchanges, or writing an assessment of your experience with this reading.