Intuitive Readings

Whether you’re in the crux of a crisis or simply seeking general advice – intuitive connection to Source is a crucial guiding light. Although we all contain the gift of reception, it can sometimes be useful or even necessary to reach out and utilize another instrument. Diversity and tuning is key to creating a beautiful symphony.

The stronger my connections have become, the clearer I see. The deeper my meditations take me, the more details form. I learn to still my inner world and the outer world follows suit. A quiet mind and an empty vessel allow spirit to flow through. I use a combination of energy work, meditations and breathing to link in to my higher self. This link directs me to Source and once opened I can channel and receive downloads. As I mentioned above, we can all do this – just like we could all learn to play piano or guitar. It’s only in the working, the practice and development that you can discover your distinct sound. No matter the skill level, we all play the same notes. With that said, it’s important to also recognize experience and practical implementation are not instantaneous but they are priceless. That is why seeking out advice from others is vital to success. We need confirmation that what we’ve envisioned is possible. By connecting with others who’ve walked the path, we in turn cement down our own way to obtaining our goals.

I leave these types of readings open for individual interpretation and will let the topic of conversation and/or personal preference develop which tools we utilize.

Tools could include but are not limited to:

  • Classic tarot deck
  • Oracle cards
  • Numerology
  • Casting of stones
  • Consultation of a pendulum
  • Channeled messages
  • Download development
  • Synchronicity requests

As this is a newer service I’m still developing and I’m looking to work out different forms of exchange for this service such as (but not limited to) referrals, energetic healing, or writing an assessment of your experience with this reading.